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  The lastest rantings from the editor. [more]
Mazda Parts in a Spitfire
  John Sisler has an interesting project underway - a Spitfire with a Mazda rotary engine & rear brakes. [more]
Dennis & Janie Evans' GT6+ Restoration
  In a somewhat different approach, this months restoration is not of a completed restoration but one that is about to start. [more]
Andy Thompson's Triumph 2500PI
  Shock! Horror! Sacrilege! It isn't a GT6 or Spitfire...I warned you this would happen. The 2500 Saloon is one of my favorites as it was the first Triumph I owned, and this one is HOT! [more]
Your Stuff
  Reader contributions - letters, photos, etc.[more]
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Reader's Cars
Mark Gater
Mark Gater's GT6 Mk 1
Unfortunately Mark hasn't sent me any details other than these photos of his GT6 Mk1, but isn't it a stunning example. A red GT6 with Minilites - I want one!
Mark Gater
V8 GT6
V8 GT6
Here's a little picture of my 1970 GT6 Mark 2. She's a little cracker with a Rover 3.5 litre V8 under the bonnet with Offenhauser intake manifold and Holley 4-barrel carb. Spax shocks all round and the brakes have been uprated with cross-drilled discs, Goodridge hoses etc.

I plan to ground-up restore her over the next few years and I will try and send you some more photos soon - in particular of the engine bay - you've never seen a tighter fit on an engine - millimetres to spare!

Marcus JB

Visit Marcus at http://www.jackson-baker.demon.co.uk/
GT6 4 Sale
GT6 4 Sale
I'm trying to sell my Father's GT6 which he restored 3 years ago and has now decided to sell. Apart from the local advertising magazine, I thought of trying you if I may.

The details are:

1973 GT6 Mk3 in mimosa yellow. The car is road tax exempt (important for UK buyers). Restored 3 years ago with a reconditioned engine, gearbox and new interior. She has some service history and MOTs since 1984. The asking price is 3500.00 pounds sterling (or nearest offer). Contact details are:

Phone: +44 (0)1703 844853 asking for TC Wilson (coincidence!)
Email: wilsop5@uk.ibm.com

Update on Steve
Remember Steve Smith's racing GT6 back in Issue #2? Well, if not, click on the link. Otherwise, here is a recent photo. Steve has made some major mods, and I hope to persuade him into writing some more about his remarkable car.
Sex sells
Finally, John S has sent in this picture. I include it here purely because that is a Spitfire holding that young lady up.


Send me just about anything and I'll put it up here.
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